How astrology and I met

I think I can say, Astrology found me. It knew just when it could get itself embedded in my psyche.
I needed the guidance astrology offers, I was desperate to understand life and to gain understanding of why things happen the way they do, and when they do. My life seemed like a dream turning into an emotional nightmare, and I really needed help with the very difficult transition I was going through.
It was after being extremely happy in a relationship, which had lead to a marriage with two exquisite children when life dealt me a very questionable situation. Things were going wrong in what I always firmly believed to be "the perfect relationship, with the man I would undoubtedly want to be with forever"
I truly did not understand. So, I searched for answers to soothe the hurt, the confusion.
A friend of mine had taken an interest in Astrology and practiced chart readings on a very basic level. During my visits to her, trying to find support in my dark days, I started reading her Astrology books. That was the beginning. I was about 27 at the time, and I have since read only books relating to Astrology. I have researched every and all conceivable angles of approach to the subject of Astrology, including the more spiritual/esoteric approach.

My interest in astrology was further stimulated by an overwhelming curiosity and inquiry towards the “happenings” of life, that of my own and those around me. I had, and still have a desire to know and better understand the people around me and the world we live in. I know from practice that I am far from alone in this space of mind, particularly when we go through difficult times in ours lives. When relationships struggle, or sudden changes throw us off course, we can feel desperate for answers. For me, this is the gift of Astrology, it simply helps in the investigation of our own lives.
During my journey of life, and discovering astrology with its enormous wealth of support and guidance in our lives, I found (for me) that the real answers of life lie hidden within
the Moons Nodes – or - our Souls path. Here we really find the answers as to why ......
When I do a chart reading my starting point of the analysis of the chart, is from the Moons Nodes. Why are we here, what do we have to learn, why are we the way we are -
all the information within the birth chart revolves around these pivoting points. This is where true understanding of life is revealed.

Practicing Astrology:

In the beginning I used to draw up the charts by hand, that is, without a computer. I cannot even conceive this idea anymore, as it is so stupendously time consuming. When I started my first professional practice I knew nothing about computers, and by the time I had saved enough to buy one, I had to ask my children of 7 and 10 years to help me put it on!
Right from the word go I was doing charts for friends, and their friends, and family and their friends. I am a qualified goldsmith/jeweller but a few years after finding astrology, I started with professional Astrological Counselling. My business thrived until I remarried and immigrated to Germany in August 2000. After two years we moved to Holland.
In Holland I set up a professional practice once again. In December of 2008 I came back to Cape Town, where my soul had always remained.







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