To explain: The Birth chart:

A Birth Chart is factual picture of the wheel of Zodiac There are twelve signs within the Zodiac
Positioned within these signs are the eleven planets of our Solar system. The date, place and time of birth all influence the exact placements of the planets within the zodiac wheel.
Each person has a unique wheel, or Birth chart. Your birth chart is the blue print of who you are.

I could elaborate on the descriptions of the energies, and the factual information regarding each planet and each sign; this would be repetitive as there are so many sites and books that one can refer to. To illistrate I have explained the complexity of the Birth chart below.

To explain: The complexity of the Birth Chart:

There are 12 signs of the zodiac, and within these signs are the 11 planets. Besides the 11 planets there are also other important energy points, which are too complicated to elaborate on, but which also play a vital role in what makes up the whole chart. The planets are not floating around in the solar system irrespective of each other. The planets and other important energy points all interlink, they all aspect (energize) one another to some degree, some more than others, and all these various interactions are what make up a Birth Chart, or the Blue Print of yourself.
An aspect is a mathematical calculation. Some aspects are more difficult, more challenging,
e.g.: the Squares - 90 degrees, sometimes the Conjunctions, the Oppositions – 180 degrees -
whilst other aspects are easier, more flowing e.g: the Trines – 120 degrees, Sextiles – 60 degrees ) Aspects energize the planets that are being simulated.

To explain: energize:

Let us say that the planet Mars is a fire, whilst the planet Venus is your body.
When Mars aspects (energizes) your Venus in your birth chart, you would feel the warmth of the fire, more so than someone who does not have any aspects between venus and mars i their birth chart. To give examples of how the different energies of the different aspects work, in relation to
the metaphor above:
-a conjunction could feel too hot – yet the person may be quite comfortable with this aspect.
-a square would be uncomfortable, like having a fire too close by, on an already hot day
-a trine would feel very comfortable, lovely and warm, on a cool day
Venus may aspect Mars, but within that combination, Venus may also aspect a second planet, and Mars may also, aspect another planet. The complexity of the Birth Chart – this explains why just your sun sign, which only verifies which sign of the zodiac the sun was in when you where born,
is far too simplified to use in any analysis of a persons character.

To explain: the Diversity of the Birth Chart

Lets say Mercury (planet of communication) is being aspected (energized) by Saturn (Saturn brings structure,stability, or can be limiting). However I still cannot tell you if this person will have a clear structured way of communication, or if she/he will have a communication problem, or feels inhibited, or unable to freely express her/himself. I cannot tell you this because Mercury could be aspected by other planets, say Neptune (makes dreamy, creative, introvert) or Mercury could be aspected by Uranus (makes for quick witted, original ideas) or Mercury could be aspected by both these planets. Within which sign is mercury positioned? Is it in Virgo, or Gemini, or Capricorn -
this will "colour" the interpretation further.
So, just to interpret Mercury i.e: how does this person think, verbalize, learn, how much logic versus fantasy, etc etc – is an analysis all on its own. Since all the planets and their respective aspects to one another have to be considered and then combined, or merged into a whole, the analysis or reading of a Birth Chart is a very complex, in depth, analysis of the person concerned.
Intuition plays an important role in Astrology, as just the theory of astrology would not suffice. There is simply too much information contained within a chart – intuition is needed to guide the astrologer to the points of relevance and importance. Reading a Birth Chart is therefore an ongoing process, always available to the person for advice and guidance according to their specific needs and requirements at any given time of their lives.

The awareness that astrology can offer about our potential choices of energy use is a very powerful aid.

Above explanations can also be applied to understand how the progressions and transits energize the planets in the Birth Chart, this then being An Event Chart (Future planetary activities)

For example, if Mars is progressing or transiting to the "birth Venus" (natal Venus) a time for romance, social events, financial gain, can be expected.
If progressed mercury aspects a natal Jupiter, a time for travel could well be indicated.
All the same “rules” apply but in progression and transit work, the astrologer is able to look at the future energies coming up – relaying this information to the client. This valuable information gives the client a clearer perspective of certain situations and events – whereby the client gains insight and better understanding -which leads to one being clearer on how to deal with what is going on in one's life at any given moment in time. The client is then equipped with information that can aid in making decisions in various aspects of their life.








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