The Birth Chart Reading

A Basic Birth chart Reading is an analysis of highlighted character traits.

The reading involves a thorough look at the your chart, which is a wheel of the Zodiac with the planets positioned exactly as they were when you were born.

I consider all the aspects, the multitude of merging energies, interpreting the chart is such a way that it becomes a comprehensive whole. I give the story, the core result of what all these energies combined mean, without loosing the "thread of relevance."

The knowledge obtained from this analysis will empower you to strengthen any evident weaknesses, and to utilize the potential of the beneficial energies available to you.
The positive feedback I receive from my clients is a constant reminder of how astrology can be beneficial to each and every one of us.

When an astrologer "opens" a Birth chart, there is such a wealth of information suddenly available to the client, that it really is a little overwhelming to digest all of this in one consultation.
This is even more so the case, when a birth chart analysis is done through correspondence.

Alternatively, An Event Chart (future chart) is the most helpful chart reading to have done as this can help you understand the energies within your Birth Chart whilst simultaneously suppling you with knowledge of the future planetary energies and how all of this information will be affecting your life as well as yourself on a personal/inner level.

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