The Child's Chart

You need not wait till your child is older, to benefit from a chart analysis of your child.
Do your child's chart as soon as they are born.
After all, it is called A Birth Chart, clearly indicating the value of what astrology has to offer..
Your birth chart is a visual map explaining all the aspects and parts of yourself !

I will be relating the information contained within the chart to the parent. Enabling the parent to greatly benefit by understanding the child from a deeper perspective. Long before the child can verbally communicate with the parent ! I can also do the parent/child comparison chart so that the
parent can be made aware of the differences of character of the parent and the child. This information helps to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, because you gain insight and knowledge of where the “ differences” in character can cause problems, which enables you to interact with your child with more compassion and better understanding.
Depending on the age of the child, and the requirements requested by the parent, I will adapt my approach to the reading.

The desired result I am wanting to obtain for you, by doing this analysis is:
That you may understand your child in such a way that both persons benefit greatly,
throughout their lives.

For a parent/child analysis reading : Relationship/Comparison Chart
for more detail : Relationship/comparison explanation

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