The Consult Chart – Follow up reading

Simply put, this is a follow up consultation. For many reasons the client may want more information. I delve into further analysis, incorporating birth chart aspects and
the progressions / transits. Sometimes it is necessary and beneficial to look at past progressions.
By locating events of importance in the past, unresolved problems still present today,
may be resolved. Unresolved issues in life can be the cause of much disruption and resentment.
Affecting our career, our relationships and our general well being, and much more.
Through counseling these blockages can be removed.

After a Birth chart reading, Event chart reading, or Relationship reading, there is always more to be gained by further analysis. It is impossible to give everything contained within a chart,(s) in one reading. This is why I refer to my services as consulting, as it is, or can be an ongoing process.
We are all individuals and each person will have different needs. It is entirely up to you how much you want to receive. I'm sure everyone understands that the human being is far more complex than a one off chart reading. When one goes to a psychologist or any other counsellor one also goes for consecutive consultations.

Don't have concerns that the initial readings will be of no value, I do a Personal reading, applying my knowledge of Astrology, intuition, experience and ability of “receiving” through use of my own personal cards. No computer analysis forms any part of the process, as you will become aware of when we meet. For most clients a first consultation of 2 hours is more than sufficient and they will not require immediate follow up consultations.
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