The Event Chart - Future planetary activity

* Note, an Event chart can be read without having done a birth chart.
* If you do not know which chart to choose, I advise this reading.

The Event Chart is the analysis of the transits and progressions, incorporating the essences of the birth chart. To describe it in another way, the event chart is the movie of your life, opposed to the birth chart, which is a photo of yourself.
To refer Progressions and Transits

A wealth of information is derived from this reading, covering both natal (birth) characteristic's and potentials, as well as assessing the future energies that will/may influence your life.

A most powerful reading, a supportive form of counselling empowering the self to deal with the future energies. Time wise and looking at the financial aspect, this is the chart that "covers most" of what you might be looking for.

The Event chart could also be called a future reading chart. But because it is so much more, I prefer to name it the Event chart. Astrologers call it, The Transits and or Progressed Chart.

In doing an Event Chart, the time period influenced can vary, but in general, I "look ahead" by about one year.
By doing an Event chart we zone in on those parts of the self that need attention, we look for the supportive energies, the useful tools. We look to see if there are any blocking energies, the obstacles, the challenges. We see where and when the green light is on and when the red light is warning us to watch out, or slow down or be cautious.

It is favorable to know that it is going to be stormy and rainy, or rather, very hot and dry. We can then dress accordingly. And so it is, that the information gained from reading the birth chart in combination with the transits and progressions, that we gain knowledge to use as valuable guidance in our lives.

The Event Chart is how I do almost all my readings, as I seldom apply only a Birth chart analysis reading. At any given time of life the transits and progressions are also present, the transits and progressions influence the content of the birth chart and therefore it makes sense to do a reading that incorporates all - The birth chart with the transits and progressions.

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