There is no such thing as a "bad"chart

People often say, “I am too scared to do my chart, or have a tarot reading.”
Astrology and tarot are used to help us and give guidance, and certainly not to make our lives
more difficult or give morbid predictions, or hold us back in any way.

There is no “ bad” chart

No person has a difficult, or bad chart
no person has a good, or easy chart

Joy and Sorrow
Love and Hate
Right and Wrong
Day and Night
Ying and Yang
Birth and Death

Are always closely connected, they do not
exist separate of one another
A Birth chart is the same
There is no good, or bad chart

The good can be used to improve the bad
Joy can be felt even more intensely, when we understand sorrow

We are here to learn lessons, even the most difficult pathways
we may have to walk,
have a meaning, there is something there,
from which we can learn, and grow

"Always look on the bright side of life"

because, It is always, the bright side
only sometimes, it is just so much brighter, than other times








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