Progressions work in the same way as the transits do, as in they activate or energize your birth planets. But, they are calculated in a different method.
Progressions are calculated, by counting the years of life (your age) from the day you where born. Using the Ephemeris, each day after the birthday is accountable for a year of your life.
The "influence" of the progressions have the greatest importance in a persons life.

When a person has important progressions, life altering events DO happen.
The likes of getting married, divorced, having children, moving country, career changes .... etc
The progressions show us our life path.
The progressions illuminate and illustrate when important events will change our outer life path,
or our inner soul path. Indicating how we are progressing through our lives.
One could say, progressions show “the movie” of your life.

Progressions last about 3 years, sometimes even longer. Whilst transits are much shorter even though some of the slower moving planets can be transiting a birth planet for a few years.
The transits give clearer time indications within the period of the progressions.
The transits and progressions are invariably complementing each other, nothing in astrology stands out on its own, all the energies work together activating the planets from various angles.







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