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Relationship/comparison charts

Sure David "knows" he is different to Karin, but David may feel (and not ever REALLY understand why) Karin is so over emotional, whilst Karin may feel, and just not understand, why David is cool, so unaffectionate. This may be a small problem in the beginning, but as the years go by this "difference" if not understood, accepted or spoken about can lead to misunderstandings which then develop into bigger issues/problems.

Lets say, David has his Moon in Capricorn, whilst Karin has her Moon in Scorpio. Two extremely opposite ways of expressing emotions, which makes it very difficult for them to really understand how the other feels, because Karin is truly incapable of knowing how David feels, as Karin has never felt her emotions in that way, so how can she possibly understand Davids way of expressing and feeling his emotion,- and of course visa versa.

Reading their respective charts I can explain to David on what level Karin feels her emotions: Scorpio moon expresses itself in a very intense, sensitive, secretive way.
Karin can become manipulative when threatened emotionally (preempting possible hurt she uses forms of manipulation as a protection from the possible hurt) and so forth. Revealing this information to David will most probably truly surprise David -, does anyone feel like this? David will now better understand Karin's emotional outburst over nothing (according to him!)
He will now understand why Karin wants to dissect every aspect of their love relationship to the deepest level (can't we just get on with, we love each other don't we? Was what David used
to think) Once David reaches this level of understanding Karin, he can relate to her and interact with her on a more profound, more compassionate level. He can now be more cooperative, more supportive of her needs, he will no longer think, "oh what an emotional wreck."
No, he will know - that is Karin, that is how she feels. He will understand.

Whilst Karin will be brought to understand how David is so the opposite of herself, that he simply does not feel the same intense emotional depth in regard to need of analysis and delving into his emotions as she does. She will become aware and reassured that he does love her, its just that he expresses his emotions in a complete different way. Karin will realize that David has a more practical approach to his expression of his love, more self disciplined, although very stable, (which is very beneficial to her somewhat more fluctuating moon expression.) She will learn that he finds security within his independence, that he is very caring, has huge responsibility feelings towards his family. That in fact he loves her just as much as she loves him, but he SHOWS it, and feels it in such a different way. She will be delighted to know and understand, so she too can adjust her "needing him" in ways he cannot deliver.
Karin can learn to rather understand and recognize the wonderful "other ways" in which David does show his love to her. Realizing this is how David feels and expresses his emotions.

Doing comparison readings delivers incredibly positive rewards for the people concerned.
Only one reading can benefit for an entire lifetime, it is that revealing.

Take note, above example only refers to the moon placement, of each person.
There will be many "interactions" between the planets of David and Karin, some being what is considered "difficult, or challenging" (as mentioned above) whilst other interactions between planets will be "very flowing and compatible." Whilst doing the comparison I am able to give guidance on how to utilize the more flowing energies in support of the less compatible energies.
It is never too late to do a comparison reading, even in long standing relationships, one can still learn more about one another.

All parents, please note! The same benefits apply when doing a comparison chart for yourself and your child/children.

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