The Relationship/Comparison Chart

One of the most beneficial uses of astrology is to do a comparison reading of two birth charts.
The analysis and counseling with the two persons concerned gives each person great in-depth understanding of each other. Whereby compassion for each others' differences leads to alleviating unnecessary misunderstanding of each other. Misunderstandings always lead to conflict, hurt and disruption of the general energy flow. Affecting our lives adversely.
Even one two hour session can bring to light so much that the interaction (relationship ) between
the parties concerned is improved immediately. This has long lasting beneficial results.

Every parent should do a comparison chart analysis with their child/children.
Here the benefits obviously are enormous, due to the broad spectrum of impact the parent has on the child's life. Differences in character are sometimes never understood on an in-depth level, resulting in family separations and conflicts that could have been avoided.
Much emotional trauma can so easily be alleviated.
I simply cannot stress the importance of this tool of astrology enough.......
Do comparison analysis with those dear to you !
Increase the ability to relate, understand, support and accommodate one another.
This will result in a more compassionate flowing energy between the two persons,
with obvious gains to both.

A Relationship chart analysis does not have to be a “close bond” relationship, relationship charts can be extremely useful in any relationship, including between business colleagues, business partnerships etc.
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