So you think Astrology is a waste of time, and a lot of nonsense. ?

Well, I am not in the least surprised, after being "made to believe' that astrology
is what one reads in the newspapers and magazines.!
Entitled, "Your horoscope for the day, the month, the year"
This horoscope reading is a generalization of the sun placement in a zodiac sign.

What a misuse of astrology !

What is being implied here, is
"Hey guys, let's divide all the people in the world into 12 sections.
That is a lot of the same people...! Each group of 12 people, would have the same character traits, behave in the same way, would have a career change at the same time, get married at the same time, go on holiday at the same time...?

There are 12 astrological signs, each sign consists of 30 degrees, 12 x 30 = 360 degrees making a full circle of the zodiac. Depending on your date of birth, your sun sign can be between 1 degree to the 30 degree of a particular sign. So already there are 30 different placements for the sun, within each of the 12 signs of the zodiac. Then there are all the other planets, the moon, venus, mars etc. and each planet is in it's own sign, and all combined, make up who you are.
So reading a magazine about your sun sign, is like discussing what nationality you are !
Not who YOU are, in the slightest.

The detrimental result of this misuse of astrology is that people believe astrology is a waste of time.
That an astrologer must be crazy, rather odd, not quite "with us" Living in a fantasy world.
Do not allow this misuse of astrology to rob you of the wealth of information and guidance that your birth chart can give you.
As astrology is a gift, a tool to help us throughout our lives.

Astrological counselling runs parallel to what a psychologist does for a patient.
A good astrologer may counsel more accurately than many other forms of councelling as the astrologer is looking inside the person. ( In the birth chart )
Being able to access all the parts of what makes the person who they are, why the person behaves the way they do. Including being able to see what has happened in the persons life, to make them the way they are today. Psychologically one can greatly benefit from understanding one's own birth chart, yet another benefit of astrology.

The tools astrology offers are limitless.

Astrology is the only science that was ever studied for 700 consecutive years. !







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