A Fusion of
Astrology and Channelled Readings
Giving you insight, clarity, direction and guidance
-reflecting what you need to know.

This reading consists of an analysis of your birth chart, combined with an interpretation of the planetary movements activating the planets within your birth chart- (the transits and progressions.) During the astrological analysis channelled readings compliment and "colour in" the information obtained from the birth chart.

This is a dynamic reading, as the factual information obtained from within the birth chart is further supported and enhanced by the channelled readings - as well as that any 'particular or special' questions you might have, can be dealt with separately by doing a channelled reading specific to the question asked.

As each client is an individual each consultation will follow its' own unique course, based on the concept of combining the astrological analysis with the channelled readings. The knowledge obtained during the reading will provide you with very useful 'tools' - leaving you better equipped to make decisions and/or changes that may be necessary
or beneficial for you. This is a two hour consultation.

I have always viewed astrology as a form of counselling, as an analysis of the birth chart can guide and give direction on so many levels: on a personal level, within relationships, with career decisions, on a spiritual level and much more. During the consultation all the relevant information will come to light, that you are needing to know at the time -
bearing in mind that there will always be more to be gained from deeper insight and further analysis of your birth chart.

For more detailed information regarding the astrological analysis that will be applied during this reading.
I suggest you refer to:
- The Birth Chart

- The Event Chart
- Transits
- Progressions

Please look further on my website as I offer so much more:
- Relationship/comparison chart
- Child's Chart

You may also choose to do :
A channelled reading on its own,
or an Astrological analysis without the channelled readings.

I adjust to the clients' wishes.







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