Channelled Readings

A brief story on how it came about that I do channelled readings, either in combination with an astrology reading,
or on its' own.

The content of a birth chart contains an infinite amount of information to guide, counsel and give direction on all aspects of life. Whilst doing an astrological analysis intuition plays an important role in effectively combining all the energies present within the birth chart. Experience taught me that for a reading to truly benefit my client,
I would have to intuitively know which information is relevant to the client at the time of the reading.

About 5 years ago I became aware that it was not only intuition working whilst doing an astrology reading. I found that much more detailed information was 'coming through' during a reading, further elaborating on the information obtained from within the birth chart. It took some time for me to consciously realize and acknowledge that I was 'receiving messages.'

During this same period of time, the tarot cards came my way. The Osho Zen Tarot, The Aleister Crowly Tarot,
The traditional Rider Waite Tarot. I would show interest and spend time delving into their meanings and how to apply the cards, yet one after the other, they all ended up in my draw. I would lose interest as I simply never experienced
a feeling of 'connection' to any of the cards.

This combination of circumstances, my realizing that I was receiving messages and the continuous appearance of the various tarot cards, intrigued and inspired me to create my own cards. I recognized that if I created my own symbols (cards) I could greatly enhance my ability to receive messages.

The energy flow and the affinity I feel with my cards far surpasses my expectations. The channelled messages 'reflected' in the cards, have guided and helped many people with numerous kinds of problems, and answered endless questions.

My cards are the perfect tools for me, to connect to and communicate with my guides.

If you are looking for answers to specific questions, then a channelled reading will guide
and give you the needed direction.

The two hour astrology combined with channelled readings are always done from my home, for your convenience
and my own, I do the half hour - hour channelled readings at 'For Goodness Sake' health shop in Milnerton.
Wherever possible I will adjust to my clients wishes, please feel free to contact me with your preferences.

On occasions I do readings as well as talks at other venues.
Please look on my notice board for more information.







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