The planets move all the time, some move faster, others move very slowly. This is what is termed as Transits, or transiting planets. The Ephemeris is a book, recording the movement of the planets through the 12 signs of the zodiac. It is a factual list of where each planet is, on any given day, in any given month of any given year.

Venus on your birth date may be at 10 degrees Virgo, but two months later Venus will be, say, at 21 degrees Scorpio.
The moving of Venus to 21 degrees Scorpio is called "Transiting Venus"

At times, these transiting (moving) planets form aspects ( energizing energies ) to your birth planets.

A simplified example:
Lets say in 1984, Pluto transited ( activated ) your natal ( birth placement of ) Venus......
this could have indicated a new love, with deep emotional involvement... this may be with intense beneficial emotions but under a more difficult transit it can be accompanied by deep hurt on an emotional level.
By gaining counseling and insight into the planets and their aspects you can better understand and therefore be much better equipped to deal with the more “difficult” transits, you will also be made aware when the transit will draw to a close.

Or, lets say in 1992 Uranus transited (activated) your Venus... this could have been indicating relationship issues again, but this time the event transpiring that made the relationship start, would have been more "unexpected. “ It could again either indicate the loss of a relationship, or a new, very different relationship suddenly entering into your life. Just when you where least expecting it.
A Uranus transit would not have the same deep intense emotional involvement as when Pluto transited Venus. A Uranus transit brings change suddenly, abruptly and at the time of the transit it may all seem a bit much or too sudden, but on hindsight one is always better off, because Uranus brings necessary change into our lives, so that we do not become stuck in a dead end street.

Transits activate or trigger events in your life.

The astrologer guides you though your birth chart explaining how the different planets will affect your life and with this knowledge you empower yourself by being better equipped to navigate yourself through a certain time period of your life.








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